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I have always been a free-thinker, full of ideas, and with unstoppable dreams of sailing the world in search of adventure. I even joined the pacifist Rainbow Warrior boat in the name of environment.


But sometimes in life, we can lose our sense of identity. I lost mine working a stressful job in digital television, working 12-hour shifts, night and day. It was exciting, but my body felt cramped and shrivelled up. My mind - tired and confused, full of nonsensical thoughts that I couldn’t stop. My mood was pretty unstable, and I could barely sleep.


The day I started to practise yoga, back in Rome in 1995, I began to regain my selfhood. I have embraced yoga ever since.  


My yoga journey has been one of wonder, filled with new discoveries within my body, mind and spirit.
I started practicing more and more, and soon joined the British Wheel of Yoga – the regulatory body for yoga teaching.


By 2014, I had decided to go deeper and took an intense training course which involved 200 hours of teaching practice and theory with the Yoga Alliance. I studied hard and began to fathom what the ancient gurus believed - the one-ness of our mind, body and spirit.

Yoga journey

"I have been a seeker

and I still am, but I stopped asking

the books and the stars.

I started listening to the teaching

of my Soul."

by Rumi

After six years of teaching, I felt a need to dive in further and trained for further 300 hours with Aditya Yoga school of London. And in October 2020 I have accomplished the total of 500 hours certified by YAP and gained the Experience Yoga Teacher budge.  


I am dedicated to the study of yoga: practising, enjoying, and experiencing its many benefits; better posture, pain-free bones, agility, good health, mental clarity, serene nights’ sleep and strength of character.


At a deeper level, it changed my perception of myself, and consequently my life. Yoga has enabled me to free myself of limitations and negative beliefs, finally allowing myself to “be the real me”.

I feel blessed and honoured to be where I am now, and grateful that yoga showed up and shaped my journey. When life is tough, I curl up in Child’s Pose and breathe into my heart in search of relief. And I usually find peace.

It's all about the journey

My wish is to give yoga back to you, empowering you with the teachings of this thousand-year-old,

yet modern discipline, still to this day.


I am now sailing into my next adventure in the Mediterranean on board a beautiful yoga yacht where I will be teaching yoga on white sandy beaches under the Greek sun.

My wish is to bring joy and relief into your everyday routine and make you feel wonderful in your own body, mind and soul. Let’s do yoga together

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