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It's all about the journey

My wish is to give yoga back to you, empowering you with the teachings of this thousand-year-old,

yet modern discipline, still to this day.

Yoga journey

"I have been a seeker

and I still am, but I stopped asking

the books and the stars.

I started listening to the teaching

of my Soul."

by Rumi

I have always been a free-thinker, unstoppable, full of ideas, and with dreams of sailing the world in search of adventure.

Sometimes, during life, it feels like we lose our sense of identity. I began to regain my selfhood the day I started to practice yoga in 1995 and have embraced yoga ever since.  Forever learning, growing and young (at least at heart), my journey has been one of wonder, filled with new discoveries within my body, mind and spirit.

The first class I ever attended was in the Iyengar Method.  At the time, I was doing a very stressful job working 12 hours shifts, night and day with the first ever digital TV in the world, Orbit. It was exiting but, my body felt cramped and shrivelled up, my mind tired and confused, full of nonsensical thoughts that I couldn’t stop. My mood was pretty unstable, as if on a roller coaster ride, and I could barely sleep.

I remember the teacher kept us in Tadasana (Mountain pose) for never ending minutes. I was learning to breathe in and out through the nose and suddenly a new world began to reveal itself to me, awakening my body and opening my mind. “Is this it? Is this yoga?"     

I asked myself perplexed and astonished. I felt like someone who had gone on a trip and found the journey a little disappointing. But, I carried on through the whole lesson, exploring the first clumsy poses with the help of belts, bricks and various props.

I was intrigued and had a desire to understand more, while leaving the class completely relaxed and focused, charged with a new unexpected vitality.When I first moved to London, in 2000, I started to practice Ashtanga and I fell in love with it almost immediately. The sweat and the intensity of the practice made my mind still and my heart sing, while cleansing the body.


But life goes on and my body clock ticked.  While pregnant, yoga helped me focus on my baby's heartbeat and on my breathing. It allowed me to stay healthy, in shape, but also happy and positive within my morphing body. Pranayama, the yogi breathing technique, helped me ease and smooth the pain of delivery, and I would strongly recommend a pregnancy yoga course to all expectant mothers.

With time, I managed to establish my own yoga practice at home, attending classes when possible. We all know how it is being a mother, so difficult to commit yourself to anything other than your children.  But that half hour grew indispensable, as did my thirst for a deeper knowledge of the subject matter: the philosophy behind yoga practice.


I Love and Respect everyone and every little creature on Earth.   Equality, Compassion, Friendship, Cooperation,


Kindness, Community, Creativity, Openness, Trustworthy, Higher Life Purpose.

We are all one.  


Chakras and Meridians.

Love Flow: The Path

of Bhakti.

Mythic flow: The Path

of Shiva and Shakti.

Ispired Prana Vinyasa Flow module

Ayurveda life-style


Flow module offered by the Aditya School from the Samudra School of Yoga of Shiva Rea. 


That’s why I decided to invest my time in the British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course, from where I gained confidence and enthusiasm. Then, in the summer of 2014 I qualified as Yoga Alliance Teacher with Laxmi Yoga.


I am dedicated to the study of yoga: practising, enjoying and experiencing its many benefits: better posture and pain free bonds, agility, good health, mental clearness, serene sleep nights and strength of character, to mention some of the more physical and basic rewards. At a deeper level, it changed my self-perception and consequently the life I created for myself, putting an end to my limitations and disbeliefs, finally allowing myself to “be me.”

I feel blessed and honoured to be where I am now and grateful that yoga showed up in my journey. When life is tough, I curl up in Balasana and breathe into my heart in search of relief. And I usually re-gain it.

Since then, my body, mind and soul have been expanding and enriching with constant practice and studies. I have been following workshops, theme classes and longer modules, while teaching my own classes. I am now sailing into my next adventure and currently studying toward The Vinyasa Flow Advanced Teacher Training 300hs YTT with Adytia School of Yoga in London, delving into profound waters and matters.


In 2006, I graduated, with Hon, in Social Science with Environment. 

Before yoga, like many dreamers, I wanted to save the world. I was actively involved in rainbow warrior pacifist contentiousness.

I wish to bring joy and relief into your everyday routine and make you feel wonderful in your own body, mind and soul.Let’s Yoga together.

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