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One 2 One Yoga Practice
Limited offer
£200 for 6 Individual Yoga Classes

Do not stop reading because I know this is what you are looking for.


2020 has been a remarkable year and a memorable beginning of the decade for years to come

and we need to recognise that.
We all have had to adapt to new ways of looking at things and new ways of doing things.

Our feelings are mixed and together with a sense of insecurity and uncertainty for the future,

there is also frustration, fear, tiredness and confusion.
Let’s make space for the new to come, letting go and re-charging.

Welcome to Dhanya Om Yoga School.


I am pleased to hear that you have decided to take up some yoga, at every stage you may be at the moment, and it is a good choice indeed to start with the right foot.


This is why ONE to ONE is good for you.


  • You have an eclectic schedule, and it is impossible to fit into live-stream classes.

  • You want to work with an open heart, listen to your body needs, and perform asanas in safety and in with right alignment.

  • You feel stressed and need some “ME” time on-your-own, to focus on your body and mental wellbeing.

  • You also need to recharge and renew in a non-judgemental space.

  • If you experience stiffness in the shoulder or lower back or neck or hips, it is now time to move that stale energy and transform it into a healthy pure fuel clean energy.

  • If you like to be sustained, nurtured, and if, mainly, you are ready to do some work.

  • You are ready to commit to your overall well-being.


My wish

I wish to build a local and virtual community of women and men who are interested in yoga and not only.

Therefore, I have founded Dhanya om Yoga, a school of yoga where to safely practice your favourite yoga style with me.

With this offer, I would like you to come and enjoy the best yoga for your well-being.

I personally tailor yoga programmes which will deepen your personal and public yoga practice.

All you need is to show up.