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One 2 One Yoga Practice
Limited offer
£200 for 6 Individual Yoga Classes

Do not stop reading because I know this is what you are looking for.


  Teaching yoga is my passion, and I would like to pass on this awesome instrument to you so you can live your life in freedom.




  • Body pain and aching.

  • Mind clutter.

  • Heavy heart.


And, if you, right now, are thinking “Yoga is Boring”, “Yoga is Not for Me”. “I am too Old”, “I haven’t got the right Body” or “I haven’t got the Time for it”, I hear you loud!  


The good news is that you don’t need to be an athlete to start yoga, neither you must dedicate endless time before seeing some benefit.


The real transformation happens the moment you begin to move your attention into something vital such as the rhythm of the breath in conjunction with movement.


This is when the alchemy of transformation works wonders, crossing different strata of our well-being: the physical body, the mind and the spirit. 


Welcome to Dhanya Om Yoga School.


I am pleased to hear that you have decided to add some yoga to your life.

At any stage you may be at the moment, it is a good choice indeed! Let's start with the right foot.


This is why ONE to ONE is good for you.


  • You have an eclectic schedule which is impossible to fit into live-stream classes.

  • You want to work with an open heart, listen to your body needs, and perform asanas safely and correctly.

  • You feel stressed and need some “ME” time on-your-own, to focus on your body and mental wellbeing.

  • You also need to recharge and renew in a non-judgemental space.

  • If you experience stiffness in the shoulder or lower back or neck or hips, it is now time to move that stale energy and transform it into a healthy pure fuel clean energy.

  • If you like to be sustained, nurtured, and if, importantly, you are ready to do some work.

  • You are ready to commit to your overall well-being.

There is nothing like a one-to-one yoga class for learning the basic yoga positions in an open-hearted, non-judgemental, supportive space.


I am able to tailor the class to the areas you wish to work on and listen to your response. 


If you have stiffness or a blockage in a certain part of your body – we can build in some focus on that area and gently ease away any blockages in your chakras. 


In this way, we will transform stale energy into pure, clean fuel, that will energise you.


It will improve your well-being and awareness of the connection between the mind and body.


Working one-to-one gives me the opportunity to give you my full focus and attend to your personal needs. 

It also gives you the chance to focus fully on yourself without comparing yourself to others in the group.


I will attend to each position or asana we attempt and ensure you have the correct alignment, and therefore the greatest benefits.


I will also give you some diagrams of the asanas we focus on for you to take home with you to practise, if you wish.




My wish

I wish to build a local and virtual community of women and men who are interested in yoga and not only.

Therefore, I have founded Dhanya om Yoga, a school of yoga where to safely practice your favorite yoga style with me.

With this offer, I would like you to come and enjoy the best yoga for your well-being.

I personally tailor yoga programs that will deepen your personal and public yoga practice.

All you need is to show up.
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