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The areas of working and beyond Greater London especially in, South West London, South London, West and Central London.

Hampton, Esther, Thames Ditton, Surbiton, Chessington, Kingston, New Malden, Hampton Wick, Worcester Park, Sutton, Wimbledon, Putney, Hammersmith, Chiswick, Kew Gardens, Turnham Green, Hounslow, Heathrow, Staines, Richmond upon the Thames, St. Margaret, Teddington, Fulwell.

Individual yoga Sessions


This is for you:

  • Are looking for flexible practice to fit into your busy schedule.

  • Want to learn the ABC of this ancient discipline before committing yourself to attend a public class

  • You know about yoga but would like to deepen your knowledge.


Other benefits:

  • A tailored made practice according to your own body type, goals and priority.

  • To practice at the comfort of your own home, perhaps in between work, at lunch break or while your baby is asleep.


  • I will guide you toward having your own little routine by yourself. Every session you will be feeling totally relaxed, stretched, toned, tuned up with your life, enjoying the freedom that yoga creates in the body and in the mind.

  • All you need is yourself. I will provide mat, props, blusters, belts, eyes mask and everything we will need for the session.

  • I will give you clear verbal instructions during the perform of the asanas and, if required, and only if you are comfortable with, I will give hands on alignment.

yoga class is £40


  • First class £ 20

  • Book a class pass of 5 sessions per £160

               £ 32 per class with an end of date of 3 months

What to expect on your first time?


  • You and I will work on your goals, according to your body type and needs.

  • At the end of session, I provide you with simple yoga poses, asanas, to perform at home. Time is relative, someone once said. Doesn’t matter how much time you have, even one only asanas per day will keep the doctor away!

  • Every week, I will give you some progression to work as well.

Maybe you are looking to de stress and stretch, or to revitalise and energise, or simply breathe into and hold on easy poses for longer and let it all go.

Small Private Group

Make a yoga morning/afternoon/evening with your friends and it will grow indispensable!




  • You will have all the benefits of a one to one class, each of you will be followed individually by me.

  • It is fun to share some yoga with friends and will make you closer too. It will be your little treat to share.

  • You can choose to have a Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin yoga or a combination of them, according to the mood of the moment. Yin yoga is perfect performed at the end of each session and fit with any activity you will do afterwards.

  • Make this a one off or a special weekly gathering

Le donne che allunga sulla stuoia di Yog
  • A yoga session with friends is £50

  • First class £ 25

  • Book a class pass of 5 sessions per £200

               £ 40 per class with an end of date of 3 months



  • You will have individual assistance and lots of variation to suit everybody and souls.


  • You all will take home some simple asanas to work on when you feel the need to.


  • Just show up. I will put on mats, props, belts, bricks, blankets and anything else we will need for the yoga practice


  • As a small group you can choose where to practise at your convenience. Please note, the venue is not included into the price.

               It could be in at your house, somewhere you know, in the park

Corporate Yoga

Scientifically proven that yoga at work reduce absenteeism, creating healthy habits and promoting community.

  • Core Strength and flexibility to counteract long hours at the desk or standing. Less probability to have back or neck pain, carpal syndrome or stiff joint.

  • Stress reduction and less headaches

  • Increased focus, concentration, vitality and productivity

  • Help to create a happy and serene work environment where to thrive and create.

  • Harmonise people together and create a healthy community

Stress Reduction
By teaching people how to focus on their breathing and techniques, the process of yoga can help them remove the anxiety and stress that was controlling their life before.
Stress in the workplace diminishes performance and can lead to physical injury, including back pain, neck and shoulder tension and carpal tunnel syndrome — and that costs money. Yoga at the workplace has been shown to reduce absenteeism from sickness or other physical problems, to boost company morale and improve communication skills among employees. 

Less Hostility and Aggression
Any workplace that functions harmoniously is likely to be more productive.

Yoga has also been shown to lower levels of cortisol — the stress hormone — . As exercise releases endorphins into the system leading to a sense of well-being, Yoga can create a better feeling and attitude towards the work environment. 

Lower Burnout Rates
Worker productivity keeps going up. –

There is an enormous proven reduction in warning signs for burnout. Among the benefits are higher levels of self-care, less emotional exhaustion and a reduced tendency toward depersonalisation.

Whose that learn yoga are learning how to properly stretch and use their muscles and tendons. This creates an awareness of strain in different parts of the body, and hopefully helps to forewarn of any repetitive stress that may lead to injury and musculoskeletal pain.
Reduced Back Pain
One of the main reasons many people take up yoga is back pain, which is one of the most common workplace complaints for people with desk jobs.

Whose who practice yoga will significantly lessen back pain and lower stress. On the contrary, sedentary group are prone to more hostility, sadness, stress and back pain.

Believe it or not, one way to make things safer in the workplace is to boost morale. Higher morale means more employees happy with their job and doing their part to keep things running as smoothly as possible. Yoga can bring employees together and boost morale in your office.



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