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About me


 I specialise in HATHA & VINYASA FLOW YOGA.

Some benefits include:

  • Rebalancing hormonal changes and aiding weight loss​

  • Relieving fatigue, stress and insomnia

  • Increasing focus and mental clarity

  • Improved moods and sense of well-being 

  • Increasing flexibility and strengthening core muscles

  • Proven to renew internal energy

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Individual yoga Sessions

Are looking for flexible practice to fit into your busy schedule.


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Small Private Group

It is fun to share some yoga with friends and it will make all feel closer to each others too.

£40 PP


Corporate Yoga

Scientifically proven that yoga at work reduces absenteeism, creating healthy habits and promoting community.



Penny, Twickenham

Dhanya understands the specific needs and capabilities in different bodies.  She has  given me a great deal of confidence to practise on my own as well. I liked her approach very much; encouraging and clear in her explanations. Dhanya also stressed the importance of good breathing techniques which I have found invaluable.

Annie, Wimbledon

I love practising with Dhanya. Her classes are truly inspiring, balanced and transformative. She gives clear verbal clues and demonstrations, plus she always likes to spice up the lesson with a bit of philosophical background. Thank you Dhanya for introducing me to yoga, a life saver.

Didi, Teddington

What I like of Dhanya is that she can catch the vibes of the room and transform them in either a nourishing or a challenging class. She is supportive, encouraging and fun but also reassuring, caring and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her life changing yoga teachings.

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