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6 ~Reasons to start meditating today

But… what does “to meditate” actually really mean?

Well, you have probably noticed that there is a voice that constantly chats inside everyone mind (yes, it is not just you). The Voice does love listening herself nagging and winging, mulling over inexistent scenarios and being overcritical and judgemental, to say few.

Generally, we can keep her quiet if we are busy doing something like crosswords for example, if we like them by chance, or watching an exciting movie, or maybe creating art or, seemingly, doing anything that require our full attention. Here it is, in that moment, while we are focusing on what we are doing, we are practicing mindfulness.

Imagine the attention that a painter put into his/her art, the passion that a writer look for the exact missing world. Then imagine to just focus on a little flower.

There it is! A tiny little daisy in a cold summer meadow. She is beautiful in her standing and her petals are innumerable, the yellow eye at the centre is looking at me. The morning light frost is happily shining her freshness outside and it lays carefully on the daisy. The frost slowly runs down into the grass. For a fragment of a moment it seemed like the daisy turned toward me in a friendly way, like she wanted to say “hello”.

Then, we can look deeply into the daisy and notice all her particulars until the mind transcends in a state of quietness and peacefulness. The flower is still impressed in my memory eyes for a while, until it disappeared and all was black and dark except for a vortex of lights and colours in the middle of it. Just above the eye, in the centre of the forehead. What this meditating? I believe it is.

Both mindfulness and meditation are equally effective on numerous conditions that affect the mind and the body. Here below are some of their benefits.

1) Number one Anti-Age serum and beauty product.

According to the Journal of Neuroscience, meditate for five years and you will look younger something between 12 and 18 years. This is due to the effect of meditating on age-affecting hormones such as increasing DHEA (the youth hormone), Melatonin, (the sleep hormone) while decreasing Cortisol, notoriously Known it for its malefic stress related disorders.

2) What’s more is that meditating brings about physical changes at the cerebral level, involving better and quicker learning abilities,

3) Improved memory,

4) A raise in creativity.

5) Hormones are regulated and balanced; stress insomnia and anxiety reduced. Mood improves and so quality of life.

6) Finally, but not the least, it Super Boosts the IMMUNE SYSTEM.

Your wellbeing is the higher priority, do something about it.

Meditate people while you are washing up, while you are doing your asanas in yoga, while appreciate something and wanting to know all about it.

Take a deep breath in and out, follow your breath, its rhythm, listen to your heartbeat while travelling for work or leisure. Just do it and do it again. Do it anyway. Do it everywhere.

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With Love




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