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Autumn Equinox

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

When the light of the sun is fading down, it is time to switch our inner light on.

Get ready to glow from within and warm up the winter.

Have you seen the trees outside? Their leaves are getting yellow and they will all fall down. The nature is getting ready to go to sleep while waiting for another spring to come and wake up again.

I am like that tree at the moment. Moving with the cycles of planet Earth, I need to let go of the leaves that does not serve my life purpose anymore.

Meanwhile, in the Norther hemisphere, farmers are harvesting their second and last crop of the year. They celebrate the abundance received during the past spring and summer. It is time to enjoy the fruits of their hard labour so far and get ready for the winter season to come. With the cold months ahead, the house needs to get ready and comfortable. All of what we need to make this time as easy as possible.

I am the farmer of my life. Thus, with the changing season, I have started making space in my home and my wardrobe. There are so many clothes that I have not wear this summer, neither the one before. I defo think it is time to get rid of them and give the good ones to the charities.

Some of the seeds of intention I planted during spring, are blossomed and fruited. I give thanks of all I have achieved, learnt and received from the Universe. I celebrate and am grateful of all these pure gifts I have been left with.

Instead, some of them did not bloomed as I wanted. All the expectations, the dreams and attachments I have been cluttering, so far, my mind and heart with, must go and be released. Because, for whatever reason, they did not come true. I trust the Universe in this. They did not serve me therefore, It is pointless to make something obviously obsolete to work. I need fresh and new ideas for the spring to come. I will have to dream the dreams during the winter that will sprout when the light will be back.

Like the leaves are falling from the trees, my being is getting ride of useless and old patterns of thoughts and behaviour. What is left, has been preciously embedded into my life.

My gratefulness fires up the inner light, illuminating the space I made inside me from within. Like a star in the night, I will shine. In unison, the dark will approach. My switch is on dim, balancing the dark outside with the light inside.

With gracefulness, I prepare to dream again. How can I show my best self up in order to live the life of my dreams? These reveries will be the seeds to plant next spring.

As the dark winter is approaching, I embrace my shadow too, I look within myself with the help of the inner light. I investigate my feelings. I questions my emotions. I dive deep into the fibres of my being, to find out the truth hidden inside them.

What is the shadow?

According to Jung, the shadow is the part of us that is hidden inside our unconscious mind that, although we do not know her because is not into our consciousness, it manifests herself in unpredictable ways.

To know these parts of ourselves, it will be of great benefit for our wellbeing and happiness. In there, there are all our deepest thoughts and talents. When we behaviour weirdly: we cry, we get hungry, we fear. However, once the shadow slowly arise to the surface of the conscious mind, we will know much more about ourselves. What does make us happy, thrive, will finally explode into what we are meant to be. The shadow heals the wounds of the past, of the ancestors before us. It makes the world a better place to live in.


Deep breathe in from the lower abdomen

Deep breathe out relishing the tensions held inside

Inhale Love

Exhale Gratitude

Vision a light into your heart

Every breath you take, it gets brighter and brighter

Every breath out is taking up a bit of the darkness inside, illuminating the inner shadow.

Continue breathing until the whole body is full of lit.

Regenerate every cells of the body, making sure they are inundated by the shine.

And when the body and the heart cannot take any more light within, then it will start to reverberate outside.

You are a star. We are made of stardust.

Come back into your breath

Slowly start to move your body

From Balasana, child pose, gradually rise up into Mountain pose, Tadasana.

Practice your favourite Sun Salutation, followed by 3rd eye opening postures.


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