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9 stress free steps and a short yoga practice

While stress it doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing, and in fact we need a bit of stress to get on with life, too much of it can really undermine our health in many ways.

Some of the typical signs of stress overload includes lack of sleep, restlessness, headaches, shoulder, neck pain and back pain, digestive problems, intestinal issues, high blood pressure, palpitations, anxiety, panic attack and eating disorders. All of these symptoms, if not taken seriously, can potentially lead to chronic illnesses, mental depression, alcoholism and drugs misuse, both legal and illegal.


usually come across a lot of stressed people nowadays, amongst friends and acquiescence: constantly complaining about work overload, family responsibilities and incapacity to deal with day to day issues.

Unfortunately, it is not only about them but also about their family members, friends, colleagues, neighbours and all the people surrounding them. In fact, there are two typical reactions which I am aware of: one, is to over talk about their problems, the other to suffer in silence.

To be aware of being under stress is very difficult since many are strongly in denial, in a self-defensive attitude and ready to attack anyone is trying to give advice. Therefore, they are stressed but do not want to do anything about.

What is more, it is the fact that the underestimation of stress control mechanisms makes friends, family and people around them very exhausted and, yes, stressed too.

Stress can spread like a contagious illness.

Here there are few points about stress that I hope they would make sense and resonate with you and finally to take the right action so to enjoy life a bit more.

In a nutshell: STOP! BREATH! THINK! ACT!

1. Recognise that you are stressed out.

When normal life gets in the way and we can’t enjoy a serene existence anymore, recognise that there is stress at play!

2) Ask yourself what you need to do in order to go back into your usual self.

We are all different in this respect but having a bit of time off to look through into the current situation is a great thing to do for start.

Ask yourself what can be changed, how things can be done differently.

3) You can change things around you but ultimately, stress comes from within. YES, you heard me right!!!

Therefore, changes must happen from within you.

Transform the way you respond to stress life situations and life will respond positively.

4) Make yourself a priority and cross something from your endless list.

Einstein used to say that time is relative. TRUE! But, I say, we all have a limited time on this Earth and I, personally, prefer to live then merely survive. Find that time, even only 10 minutes a day.

5) Close your eyes and listen to your breath, watch the inhaling and the exhaling, listen to the bit of your heart. Fall in love with it.

6) Be mindful. Do one thing at time and do it well. Juggling is for the circus and multitasking is for the machines. “We are only human after all”, love what you do, give it your complete attention.

7) Instead to look at what you lack, look at what you have already. There are many things of which you are proud of and happy to have into your life. Make a list of them. You will see, once you have started the list goes on and on.

8) Be grateful.

9) Take a regular yoga class: exercise is great but Yogas Chitta-vritti-nirodhah, yoga is restraining the activities of the mind. (yoga sutras of Patanjali, 1.2).

Doing exercise is great for the body but the mind needs to be tamed to silence too.


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