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A journey into the breath

I love studying yoga philosophy, however, while my understanding of the subject is definetely deepening, on the other side there is a totally conscious knowledge that, this is just the tip of the iceberg and that there is so much more of it.

It is also so relevant for me to add from my experience that "a" or "the" deeper understanding comes whenever I am ready to grasp it, no sooner, no later than the moment it meant to be.

My last research about the Prana, intended in both senses as the breath and Energy Source, brought to my attention the Prana Vayus flow which is how each single breath travels from the inhale from the nose to the other end in the exhale. These currents are also and at the same time channels where the vital energy flows.


Let's take a big breath in: notice the quality of the air going down the spine and naturally strengthen it. This movement is called PRANA VAJUS. From here, the breath diversifies in different directions of flows in order to rich the entire body.

The Prana Vayus is located at the sixth chakra, Anjia in Sanskrit, also called third eye because located just above the eyes and in the middle of the eyebrow. It ends into an exhalation which is a strong current going down the first chakra, the Muladhara, our roots. The Apana Vayu is a current that eliminate anything we don’t need any more and strongly grounding us into the reality of the here and now.

It is also to note that Prana Vayus, the energy source, can be also food, water or mental stimulations.

In and between those two Vayus or currents of breath, there are different faces.

This energy source other than inhaled, can also be eaten or drunken need to be digested by the organism and distribute it around the body. The process of assimilation comes from a current flowing in a circular motion like, converging into the centre, which is where the 3rd chakra resides, called Manipura in Sanskrit.

Once assimilated, Vyana Vayu distributes this energy around and outwards reaching all the peripheries of the body, where the Hearth chakra supremes, taking the blood circulation system in form.

Finally, this same energy move further upwards, in a kind of a mystery, producing beautiful words, poems, songs and reaching high point of spontaneous creativity, for then going all the way down, but mostly important taking with it all the old waste and residues of all we don’t need anymore.

In Yoga, The Pancha Vayu Model is to be found in old Upanishads and mine is a very simplistic way although I hope useful to visualise the various currents of air created inside a single breath and their meaning.

Furthermore, in every Yoga Asana we can focus on each of the 5 Vayus which are contained in a single pose, but this is already another field to explre.



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